To my beloved Persifor community:

Thank you for nine amazing years. Without you, Persifor would never have become the brand we have all come to love. Unfortunately, it is with great sadness — but a very optimistic outlook — that I’m writing to let you know that we have closed our doors effective today.

It goes without saying that for any small business, COVID-19 and the very quick and dramatic shift in the retail landscape has had a devastating impact. Additionally, ever-changing family obligations (hybrid learning with two young children is no joke!) are my highest priority.

While this is an incredibly difficult moment, I cannot overlook the wonderful experiences and people that I have met in creating this brand from scratch and actualizing a lifelong dream.

THANK YOU to all of the Persifor customers, retailers, influencer community, and my friends and family for your endless support. And while this might be the end of Persifor’s journey, you can be sure that great things will come in 2021 (my wheels are already turning!).

Alex Thompson